LT. Governor Candidate Uehling is the first Nevada Political Candidate to accept Bitcoin donations

Ed Uehling welcomes the use of cryptocurrency technology to allow those who prefer to use decentralized alternative digital currencies.

Lt. Governor Candidate Ed Uehling continues to embrace technology and forward-thinking ideas by becoming the first candidate in Nevada to accept cryptocurrency donations, opening the door to Bitcoin and other altcoins.

“Working to make our community better and securing freedoms for all citizens becomes much more powerful when coupled with choices and innovation,” Uehling said. “I am proud and honored to be the first political candidate in Nevada to accept this modern-day movement and provide the choice to use decentralized alternative digital currencies.”

On Tuesday, September 11th, Uehling became the first candidate in Nevada to accept a cryptocurrency donation when Dimitrios Tsoulogiannis, owner of Las Vegas Crypto Exchange, contributed $1,000 in Bitcoin currency. The U.S. Federal Elections Commission (FEC) gave approval for political candidates to accept bitcoin back in 2014. Uehling is thought to be only the ninth candidate to accept cryptocurrency in the nation.

“It is time that candidates reach out to all and allow citizens to choose the way they want to donate to a candidate,” Uehling said. “That I am the first candidate in Nevada to accept Bitcoin and other kinds of cryptocurrency shows that I continue to welcome new ideas and ways of thinking to turn common sense into solutions.”

The Uehling campaign set up an account to accept cryptocurrency in collaboration with the Las Vegas Crypto Exchange. Supporters can easily donate to the Uehling’s campaign with cryptocurrency with one click on the Donate button on Uehling’s Coinbase QR code is displayed on that page. Once the cryptocurrency amount is entered, it is transferred from the supporter’s account into Coinbase. The cryptocurrency is then converted into dollars and transferred into the campaign’s Wells Fargo account.

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