Ed Uehling attends event honoring RJ videographer Rachel Aston’s Emmy award-winning Moulin Rouge documentary

September 17, 2018

Ed Uehling, the nonpartisan candidate for Nevada Lieutenant Governor attends the event honoring regional Emmy award winning video “Moulin Rouge: A Fight for the West Side,” by Rachel Aston at the Eclipse Theater in downtown Las Vegas.

Ed was delighted to meet Rachel and mentioned that this video depicts a realistic view of how a community copes emotionally on a daily basis on the economic and emotional impact of this historic building long after it was closed.

Ed commented “that the prejudice against Black people was so great that a white sheriff (as I remember, with a very tainted reputation) could walk in and close THE greatest and actually symbolic venue ever built on the Westside.  To them this makes advancement impossible, so this situation needs to be remediated somehow—because they were certainly right and may still be right.”

The Moulin Rouge Hotel was a hotel and casino located in the West Las Vegas neighborhood of Las Vegas, Nevada, that is listed on the United States National Register of Historic Places. The first desegregated hotel casino, it was popular with many of the black entertainers of the time, who would entertain at the other hotels and casinos and stay at the Moulin Rouge. It was only opened for 6 months.
The Hotel was named after the Paris nightclub, the Moulin Rouge.