Celebration of Public Lands overview from Ed Uehling

Celebration of Public Lands Day at Springs Preserve

This was another event organized by Democrat-leaning groups and people, and it was a three hour event attended by approximately 100 people.

After a long period of networking, the dignitaries, all Democrat of course, were introduced and the panel did an excellent job in its emphasis on the huge variety of uses for tourists and economic development (it was stated that the lands produce $12B for the economy

The panel was comprised of the head of the Latin Chamber of Commerce, head of the Outdoor Chamber of Commerce, Owner of the Flightline in Boulder City, head of Senator Cortez Masto’s office here in Las Vegas and a BLM representative

I was told by a BLM representative summoned by Zach Zaragoza (panel member representing Sen. Cortez Masto) to contradict my contention that 85% of the proceeds of land sales are being sent to Washington, that in fact the funds are used to finance projects here.

I look forward to the facts regarding where these funds are being distributed.