An overview of BLM Land Sales September 27

Public Land Sale at North Las Vegas City Hall

  • About 90 acres of plots ranging from 1 to 10 acres in size which were scattered around the Las Vegas Valley, but with a concentration on the Southwest side of the I-15
  • The total sale price predicted by the BLM was $20 million but several of the plots received no offers.
  • The prices ranged (according to my memory) from $50,000/acre to $800,000/acre
  • One bidder was the highest bidder for a majority of the properties
  • The total sale price of all the properties was not announced during the proceedings.

My primary interest in going to the sale was to convey my belief that the money from these auctions should remain in Nevada

  1. Everyone I talked with agreed that the money should remain here, but did not seem to be particularly concerned about this
  2. Those people also agreed generally that the people of Las Vegas create the value of this land.